Foundations of Data Science
Fall 2015

Principal Instructor:
Ani Adhikari
John DeNero
Michael I. Jordan
Tapan Parikh
David Wagner

Midterm Information

Please plan to be in your seat and ready to start the exam by the start time. You'll need a pencil (or a pen, if you like to live dangerously).

We'll be sitting in every second seat, and we'll be grouped by section TA. People in Ross's lab section (5-7) should sit in the right quarter of the room (when facing the blackboard), people in Henry's sections (11-1 and 3-5) should sit in the middle half of the room, and people in Sam's section (1-3) should sit in the left quarter of the room.

The campus map shows locations of all rooms.

Topics Covered

The exam will cover all course topics covered in the class through Friday, October 9 (including homework 7). You should be prepared to answer questions that relate closely to the lecture material and (especially) the homework assignments.

An exhaustive list of the programming topics that could be on the midterm is here.

Making you memorize details about a lot of Python functions is emphatically not the point of the exam. For that reason, the end of that document includes a (two-sided) "cheat sheet" for the programming topics. You will have access to a copy of that sheet (possibly with some corrections or additions if any are needed) when you take the midterm. We will include a copy of the cheat sheet with your exam. Though the cheat sheet doesn't include exhaustive documentation of everything we've used, it includes examples to jog your memory or clarify details you might forget.


Here is a list of practice questions to help you in preparing for the midterm. As of 10/14, the practice questions are somewhat more weighted toward programming topics than the actual midterm will be. We might also modify or add to this set of practice questions; if we do, we'll announce it on Piazza. Solutions to the practice exam are here.

Post-midterm: The midterm exam itself is now posted here, and example solutions are posted here.

There will not be a review session, but there will be extra office hours, and part of lab and lecture will be devoted to review.