Foundations of Data Science
Fall 2015

Principal Instructor:
Ani Adhikari
John DeNero
Michael I. Jordan
Tapan Parikh
David Wagner

Project 2

Project 2 is available at /project2/project2_v1.ipynb at Most of these instructions are in the lab itself.

The project is due at 8:59PM on Friday, December 4 (12/4/15). You don't have to do anything to submit the project, except to make sure that the file /project2/project2_v1.ipynb is your filled-out lab.

You may work on the project by yourself or with one partner who is enrolled in your lab section and has agreed to work with you. If you have a partner, we will check both of your solutions and give both partners the highest of the two project grades. There is a place in the lab notebook to write down your name and your partner's name.

The only person with whom you may share code is your partner if you have one. Please do not read code written by anyone else, and do not share your code with anyone else. In particular, don't post code publicly on Piazza. However, beyond this restriction on sharing code, it's okay to discuss higher-level things about the project with other people. As usual, you can always ask the GSIs or other staff anything.


Grading will be done mostly by automated testing, with some manual grading for the written questions. The tests will be available for you to run, though we reserve the right to add more. Be sure that the tests pass when you submit your lab.

Recall that projects consist of 30% of the course grade. Of the two projects this semester, your highest-scoring project will account for 20% of your course grade, and the other project will account for 10% of your course grade.