Q: I am not able to attend some days of lecture. Can I still take the course?

A: Yes. Lectures will be recorded and available shortly afterwards. You won't miss anything. You won't miss any course content by watching the webcasts.
Do be sure, however, that you are able to make the midterm and the final. We won't be offering alternate exam times, and you are responsible for ensuring you can attend and won't have conflicts.

Q: I am not able to attend lab. Can I still take the course?

A: Labs are mandatory. We do allow you to complete the labs ahead of time remotely as detailed in the policies section, though we strongly recommend attending lab in person. We also allow dropping the lowest lab grade, as explained in the course policies.

Q: What is the best way to get help in this course?

A: Your best avenues are to go to office hours held by the course staff, or to ask questions on Piazza. Course staff will be monitoring Piazza frequently and will try to answer your question quickly and thoroughly.

Q: Where will our grades for assignments be displayed for the course?

A: All grades will be visible on OkPy.org. In addition, Gradescope will show feedback on the written and manually graded portions of homeworks and projects and on exams. We will periodically copy grades on Gradescope over to OkPy so that you can view a summary of all of your grades on OkPy.

Q: I passed all the tests when doing my homework/project, but still got points off on the autograded portion of the assignment. Why is this happening?

A: The homeworks and projects have hidden tests that are not visible to students while they do the assignment. In order to pass these hidden tests, you must test your code yourself and make sure your answer is correct. Our tests are not always comprehensive.

Q: I have have a 0 on OkPy for a lab that I attended and got checked off. Why is this?

A: You likely did not submit the lab. Go on OkPy, submit the lab, and let your Lab TA know. If you did submit the lab but still have a 0, please contact your Lab TA.

Q: I worked with a partner on a project, and they have a grade on Gradescope for the project while I do not. Why is this happening?

A: This is normal. Only one partner should have a grade on Gradescope, but the score will be applied to both partners.

Q: I noticed a mistake in the grading of the Gradescope portion of my homework. How can I get this fixed?

A: To get this fixed, you must submit a regrade request via Gradescope within the 4 days of the release date of the grades. This is known as the regrade request window. We unfortunately will not accept any regrades after the window has closed.

Q: I have some other grading question. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact your Lab GSI.