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Jeremy Sanchez

Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 10-11am @ Evans 323

Let’s get this show on the road! This is my third year as a lecturer at Berkeley; I have been in the Statistics department for the last two years and joined the Data Science department this summer. I love this job and can’t wait to meet all of you.

Lead GSIs

All office hours are held in-person in Warren 101-B (Section C) unless otherwise specified.

Course Director

Andrew Chen


Hey there, I’m a fourth year from San Diego, majoring in Political Science and Psychology and minoring in Data Science. Data 8 transformed my college journey, and I hope it’ll be a rewarding experience for you too! 🙂

Course Director

Conan Smallwood


Office Hours: Thu 1-3PM

Hey everyone! I’m a 3.5th year from Japan studying Statistics and Data Science who loves playing tennis, ping pong, rocket league, and drinking coffee!


Cynthia Gao


Office Hours: Tue 5-7PM

Hi everyone! I’m an incoming senior studying Data Science and Economics. Some things I love doing are reading in the sun, baking, and exploring new places (food and nature)! Excited to have a great summer in Data 8 with you all :)

Course Director

Jonathan Ferrari


Office Hours: Thu 1-3PM

hi! i’m a senior majoring in DS, CogSci, Psych, and CS. when im not teaching or in class, you can usually find me at a cafe around campus, playing zelda/smash bros with friends, or out at a nearby hiking trail! a fun fact about me is that i’ve been to 47 states and 2/3 of the national parks!


Kaed Esposo


Office Hours: Fri 1-3PM

Hi! I’m a senior from Hawaii majoring in political science and data science with an addiction to concerts, NYT games, and coffee.

Teaching Assistants (GSIs)

All office hours are held in-person in Warren 101-B (Section C) unless otherwise specified.

Bing Concepcion


Office Hours: Mon 9-10AM, Wed 9-10AM, Thu 12-1PM

Rising junior 👴🏼 studying Data Science and Computer Science. Data 8 will always be my favorite class 😊

Ethan Hu


Office Hours: Tue 1-4PM

I’m a rising junior from the Bay Area. Sell their houses to who, Ben? Aquaman?

Isabella Duong


Office Hours: Thu 6-8PM, Fri 2-4PM

hey! im isabella and im studying cs. i love cats and data 8! :)

Marissa Lumpkin


Office Hours: Thu 12-1PM, Thu 4-6PM

Hello!! I’m a rising junior from SF majoring in CS and minoring in DS + MechE. I love going on runs in the fire trails, designing/building things, and going to coffee shops around campus. Can’t wait for a Data gr8 semester!

Mia Yen


Office Hours: Tue 5-8PM

Hi! I’m Mia and I’m an incoming junior studying Cogsci and CS. This is my first semester as a GSI so I’m super excited to work with you this summer! Some stuff about me: I’m a Virgo, huge MIND Coffee addict, and once I did a NYT Monday crossword in 3:57 :)

Richard Villagomez


Office Hours: Fri 4-7PM

Hi! I’m a rising junior studying Data Science and CS, and I’m a big fan of iced mochas, Mario Kart, and Data 8. My goal is to make data science accessible to everyone!

Wesley Zheng


Office Hours: Tue 12-3PM

Hey everyone! I’m a rising junior and first-time TA for Data 8. In my free time, I like to drink boba (TP Tea is the best, lol), play CS 2 and Genshin Impact, and watch anime. You might also see me in CS 188!


All office hours are held in-person in Warren 101-B (Section C) unless otherwise specified.

All tutoring sections are held in-person in Warren 101-BA on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise specified.

Amy Tran


Office Hours: Mon 9-11AM, Wed 9-11 AM

Tutoring Section: 10-11AM

Hi! I am a 2nd year studying Data Science from Oakland, CA. I enjoy arranging flowers and watching baseball. So so excited to meet you all!

Angela Sheu

Office Hours: Tue 3-5PM

Tutoring Section: 9-10AM

Hi! I’m a fan of comics and Data 8 and polysyndeton and many more things too. :)

Angelina Ma


Office Hours: Tue 9-11AM, Tue 2-4PM, Thu 10-11AM, Thu 3-4PM

Tutoring Section: 1-2PM

Hello, I’m a third year from the bay studying DS and Society & Environment. I love eating noodles, data8, and my digicam!! So excited to meet all of y’all!

Colin Olairez


Office Hours: Tue 6-7PM, Thu 6-7PM, Fri 2-4PM

Tutoring Section: 5-6PM

I’m Colin, a second-year studying mathematics. I’m currently interested in marathon running, chess, and light novels/anime.

Cyrus McSwain


Office Hours: Tue 10-11AM, Tue 4-5PM, Tue 7-8PM, Thu 10-11AM

Tutoring Section: 3-4PM

Hi! I’m a rising sophomore from Oakland and am double majoring in data science and cognitive science. Some things I love are ice skating, listening to music (especially r&b but literally any genre), finding new food spots, and spending time with friends.

Isaac Chung


Office Hours: Mon 10-11AM, Tue 5-6PM, Wed 10-11AM, Thu 5-6PM, Fri 10-11AM, Fri 5-6PM

Tutoring Section: 4-5PM

hello! my name is isaac and i’m a junior studying cs and cog sci :) i want to draw and play viola(🤨) more this summer - let me know if you have music reccs! welcome to data 8 :D

Leyan Wang


Office Hours: Tue 12-2PM, Thu 12-2PM

Tutoring Section: 2-3PM

Hi! I’m a rising Junior majoring in Integrative Biology and Data Science. I enjoy sketching, hiking, and watching wild animals.

Mansoor Mamnoon


Office Hours: Tue 7-8PM, Thu 7-8PM, Fri 3-4PM, Fri 5-8PM

Tutoring Section: 6-7PM

Hi everyone! I’m Mansoor, a rising sophomore majoring in Applied Math. Beyond the classroom, you’ll often find me engrossed in a book, with Jeffrey Archer’s “Kane and Abel” being my favorite. As an avid fan of epic fantasy series, ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ are my go-tos. Excited for a fantastic semester ahead and to get to know all of you better!

Michael Murphy


Office Hours: Tue 9-10AM, Wed 12-1PM, Thu 9-10AM

Tutoring Section: 12-1PM

I am a second-year Statistics and Data Science double major who is passionate about learning, teaching, and applying machine learning methods to make the world a better place.

Noah Aguilar


Office Hours: Thu 2-5PM, Fri 1-2PM

Tutoring Section: 7-8PM

Hello! I am a rising senior from SoCal double majoring in data science and economics. Outside of school, I enjoy playing guitar and golfing with friends.

Tiffany Louie


Office Hours: Thu 4-8PM

I’m a rising third year from San Francisco who is studying data science and computer science. My current interests include kpop (obsessed with nct) and trying public transportation at different places.