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Accommodations and Extensions

Table of Contents

  1. Assignment Extensions
  2. DSP Accommodations
  3. Privacy
  4. Wellness Resources

Assignment Extensions

We understand that life happens. As stated on the policies page, students are given two homework and lab drops for precisely those situations. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant any additional assignment extensions due to the fast pace of the summer. However, if you continue to encounter further emergencies beyond your control, please fill out the Extenuating Circumstances Form. A course staff member will contact you and provide space for conversation, as well as to arrange accommodations if necessary. Students will be asked to provide supporting documentation. Note that these requests are approved on a case-by-case basis.

DSP Accommodations

We will provide appropriate accommodations to all students enrolled in Berkeley’s Disabled Students Program (DSP). To ensure that you receive the appropriate accommodations, please have your DSP specialist submit a letter confirming your status and accommodations.

If you’re not enrolled in DSP, or are in the process of being onboarded by DSP, you may still be eligible for accommodations. We also aim to provide fair and appropriate accommodations to any students who, because of extenuating circumstances, may need them. Please reach out to if this is the case and our DSP Lead will get back to you.


All DSP and accommodations-related materials for this course are kept in a repository separate from the rest of the course materials that is visible only to the instructors and selected Lead GSIs.

For any DSP and accommodations-related communications, please reach out to and the DSP Lead will get back to you. This inbox will be visible to future members of course staff, so if you ever have a communication that you wish to remain private, let us know and we can delete the email exchange once the conversation is resolved.

Wellness Resources

Your wellbeing matters, and we hope that Data 8 is never a barrier to taking care of your mental and physical health. Below are some campus resources that may be helpful: