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Table of Contents

  1. Materials
  2. Additional Materials
    1. Guides
    2. Table Resources
  3. Exam Resources
    1. Study Guides
    2. Past Exams
  4. Supplemental Videos
  5. Wellness Resources


The student materials can be found here.

Additional Materials

Additional materials can be found here


Table Resources

Exam Resources

Study Guides

  • The midterm study guide will be distributed with the midterm exam.
  • The final study guide will be distributed with the final exam.

Past Exams

Exams and practice exams from previous semesters can be found below. These exams may differ slightly in terms of material covered and syntax used, as the datascience module has changed over time.



Supplemental Videos

Wellness Resources

Your wellbeing matters, and we hope that Data 8 is never a barrier to taking care of your mental and physical health. Below are some campus resources that may be helpful: