Jupyter Notebook Assignments

The assignments in Data 8 consist of Labs, Homeworks, and Group Projects. Labs are mostly used as a guide through the class material, whereas homeworks and projects are also used for course grading. All of the assignments use a package called OKpy for auto-grading. This can be used in two primary ways:

  1. Grading is performed locally (on the students own computer) in order to give live feedback to the code that students write.

  2. Grading is performed with the OKpy servers. This requires an account with OKpy, and is used by Data 8 to handle “official” grades for the course.

The latest links to the homeworks can be found in the course page for the current semester. For example, the Spring 2020 course can be found here.

These materials are freely available on the semester course repository. There is a new repository created for each semester of the course, as the materials tend to evolve over time. For example, here is the repository for the Spring 2020 course and you can find the homeworks for this repository here.