Worksheets and Discussions

So far in this guide, we have gone over the Syllabus and Lectures, as well as the Jupyter Notebook Environment and the hosting of assignments and projects. This section will cover the other forms of engagement between course staff and the students: labs and discussions.

There are two forms of in-person meetings outside of lecture:

  1. Labs: Students meet in lab section, which are sections composed with ~30 students, one or two uGSIs, and

  2. Tutor-Led Sections and Office Hours: Students meet with Tutors, who are hired for about 8 hours per week, to ask questions and gain more practice on the current or previous week’s topics in lecture. These meetings are typically held in small groups (typically around 5 students per 1 tutor), and provide the most personal and specialized form of instruction. For help with problem sets and projects, tutors and uGSIs lead Office Hours, with each Office Hours session lasting one hour each.