The Data 8 Textbook

The Data 8 course supplements every lecture with a corresponding few chapters in it’s textbook, Inferential Thinking. Written by Ani Adhikari and John Denero, every new semester of Data 8 utilizes its interactive capabilities to help cement topics of the class for all students.


The textbook is provided under a CC-BY-ND-NC clause - see Types of content in Data 8 for more information.

The Book’s Software

Inferential Thinking is built upon several software libraries which are actively maintained. The main library used to build the book is called Jupyter Book, which is also the same software used to create this Zero-to-Data-8 guide! The language used to teach the course is Python, and is supplemented using a library called datascience, which is a library authored by John Denero, David Culler, Alvin Wan, and Sam Lau. The library’s source code can be found at the attached link here.